Different ways to wear short hair

  IMAG2918IMAG2917  Fresh cut = fohawk


IMAG2927 Pin the bangs back (some layers are so short you may have to use some product as back up for making them stay)



Let it do its own thing.



This is four weeks after getting it cut, with a flat iron, or just with product depending on your hairs natural curl (or lack there of) flip up the ends, it makes it appear way longer than it actually is and it a lot of fun to have as an option.


There are lots of other options too, mohawks, headbands, cute clips, curly, having short hair doesn’t mean you don’t have options!!

Hair Thickening Shampoos and Conditioners

I’ve found this link with 11 reviews of “hair thickening”; shampoos and conditioners.  Being blessed/cursed with extremely thick coarse hair I haven’t tried these.  Let me know what you think of any of these products or others not listed that you either love or hate.  Thanks for reading!