A.D.D. doesn’t exist, or so some say

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this in my life.  It blows my mind.  Yes I believe it is way over diagnosed, and that people use it as an excuse when they shouldn’t.

However I do not believe that this is some random thing that has come out of no where.  I believe that A.D.D. has always been around that we are just more informed about it now and that our society makes it more obvious.

Once upon a time people worked in fields, children would get up early before school and help with chores around the house.  People had A.D.D. they were just worn ragged so it wasn’t so abundantly clear as is it today.  Back then children played outside using their imaginations, thats something A.D.D. people have plenty of!

I know a wonderful family, two hard working parents and their now teenage daughter.  The daughter has always obviously had A.D.H.D.  Less obvious however is both of her parents have it as well.  Its just harder to see (unless you are looking for the signs) because of how tired they are from each working two jobs.

Then there is TV.  I’m not anti TV, lets make that clear here.  Turn on your TV watch a thirty minute TV show.

Can you count how many commercials you just saw?

Imagine being a child with A.D.D. tendency watching (even an educational) a TV show, being bombarded by so many commercials, with one flashy item after another, sending you through every emotions from excitement about the prospect of going to Disney world to being sad when Sarah Mclanclan sings about abused animals.  We’re watching that instead of running around outside.  (also I had asthma as a child, i do understand outdoors aren’t for everyone)

Then diet. Diet plays a huge part!  Sugar obviously.  It provides A.D.D. highs, full of energetic unruly happiness, but that means it also leads to A.D.D. lows.  Sugar isn’t the only thing though, foods high in carbs create the same problem.

High protein breakfasts and lunches, then very low protein dinners spread your energy out in a more vital, and calming manner.

Bad parenting doesn’t cause A.D.D. but taking the time to be consistent, to keep a clean living environment, to provide a diet of healthy foods.  Mainly consistency.  Thats the most important part of surviving A.D.D.  Color coding, organizing, commending any of the things you can.

A.D.D. does exist and it can be a wonderful fun experience for the person with A.D.D. and the people around that person.  You just have to understand it, and embrace it!

Accepting that it exists, is the first part to understanding it.


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