100 Days of No Processed Foods

100 Days of No Processed Foods

Two weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I was going to do 100 Days No Processed Foods.  Lets just say off to a bad start, I got braces, which hurt like the dickens, I had my wonderful monthly visit, which meant cravings, so I ate a lot of junky comfort food.

However that does not mean I have given up!

A few things we were already doing is drinking unsweet tea, no sodas, coconut or almond milk instead of cows milk or soy, and making our own peanut butter which let me tell you is crazy easy and cheap!  I buy a pound of shelled salted peanuts from costco, toss them in a food processor for ten minutes and tada! Peanut butter, yum.

For 95% of breakfasts we’ve had Green Smoothies.


^ this website has a million to try.  They’re super good for you, high in protein, easy to make, and so far none of tasted grossly!

Lots of salads for lunch, salads with fruit, or beets, or hard boiled eggs, a variety so as not to get sick of salad!  Though its getting cold so may be switching to soups soon.

Snacks are Kale chips, fruit (only soft ones right now as my teeth still ache) and honestly some brownies that were super processed!

Dinner is where we’ve splurged a bit while trying to get used to this so I won’t say much about it right now.  Maybe next post will be a little bit better.

I can honestly say though, even with only the mail change of breakfast I feel good, healthy, and happy!

Below are my links that I’m mainly referencing right now.  Enjoy!





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