What do those terms mean, stack, fringe, and shag?

Gosh you hear the terms, what do they mean?

called : Face framing layers

(layers starting at jaw length and

working down into the haircut)

                    called: a line stack, sharp taper

hair cut is stacked in the back,layers are shorter

and nape of neck to longer at occipital bone.


called: stack, stacked bob

this is the stack, or tapered cut, without the a line cut




*                                          *                                       *

called: a line, or a line bob

this is a rather dramatic a line cut without a stacked back

the longest layer, is shortest in the back and becomes longer as you reach the front.




*                                          *                                       *


called: bob, no layers

called: long layered bob

the bob reaches past the shoulders

with some soft layering

                                                *                                          *                                       *

called: shag cut

lots of messy seemingly disconnected layers

typically accomplished with a razor

                                                  *                                          *


called: heavy fringe, full bangs

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