Hairstyles for working out that work.

There is nothing grosser to me when I am working out then to feel my sweat dampened hair sticking to my neck.  Even with short hair (mine is just past chin length) it annoys me, I need it up and out of my way.

Ponytails, pig tails, they all do damage and still I wind up with fly away.  While I don’t want to be one of those girls at the gym who have their make up done to the nines, who are working out with their hair down looking perfectly fixed.  I also don’t want to look like a gross hot mess while getting my sweat on. 

They say the gym is a huge place to meet people, so yeah, you want to look good, whether you’re on the look out for that special someone or you think you’ll run into your friends.  But surprise surprise the gym is mainly meant to work out so you’re probably going to get gross and sweaty.

*                     *                     *                    *

So what are some options? 

There are tons of cute headbands which are very popular now.  (Not the 1970s basketball headbands, don’t be confused.)

Also the option of braids.  YouTube has tons videos on how to do pretty much any type of braid, so there is no excuse of you don’t know how, just watch then practice.  A handy side kick? The bobby pin.  They are the saving grace to braids, if you have pieces sticking out just stab them in with a bobby pin. 



Also a good trick with any type of braid is try to keep your knuckles

touching the scalp while you braid, it helps to keep the braid more uniform.

*                     *                     *                    *

Katniss Evergreen the heroine in the Hunger Games primarily has a braid, its easiest for her hunting for food, and training in the games.  While we aren’t doing anything that life threatening by going to the gym, the concept does apply, to be the most efficient we need to hold our hair our of our eyes, so we might as well look cute while we do it.


2 comments on “Hairstyles for working out that work.

  1. Carrie berry says:

    Wahoo Hunger Games!!!! I’m sure the other stuff you wrote was good too.

    Seriously, I love headbands but they tend to eventually shoot off the back of my head. 😦

    • roesmccoy says:

      True, for headbands that trend to do that cross a bobby pin across it, most easily hidden behind the ear. It will help hold the headband in place. If still stubborn cris cross two bobby pins, that locks anything in place!

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