Chattanooga a New Hipster City?!?! Yes, I think so.

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The new hipster cities of America: Who’s emerging as the “next Austin”?

By Lauren Modery
02.21.12 | 06:30 pm

Sometimes it feels like there is no place more hipster-plentiful than Austin, Texas. The city has become the poster child of what young creatives and entrepreneurs are discharging into this world. When you look up the word ‘Austin’ in the thesaurus, the words, ‘old-timey facial hair,’ ‘your grandmother’s eyewear,’ ‘college degree in food carting,’ ‘bee hive hoarding’ and ‘Which Wich eating’ appear. It’s true that there is no escaping the fauxhemian gorilla-whale that is running amok in our city.

But are other cities unscathed by the beast? Smaller, up-and-coming cities that are like how Austin was before ‘we’ showed up? Cities that hipsters can flock to now that other, older hipsters have crimped their style of being on the forefront of a burgeoning scene? The answer is yes.

Forget Austin, forget Brooklyn, forget Portland, forget Silver Lake. What are the cities on the verge of hipsterfication right now?

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga has been wooing the panties off the popular urbanite mag, GOOD Magazine, with tales of their new city-wide typeface and ‘super green’ VW plant. According to the online magazine, the city’s new font, Chatype, was born from the coffee shop meeting of a brand consultant and typeface designer. The duo brainstormed about what it would be like for Chattanooga to be the most conceptually awesome city in America and — poof — Chatype was born.
GOOD also commended VW’s new Chattanooga plant that turns paint waste into cement instead heading into landfills. To add to Chattanooga’s green-like behavior, the city implemented human-race-eliminating ‘smart lights’ — LED streetlights that can respond to different environments and situations. These streetlights are controlled by the city’s new fiber optic high-speed Internet that is also helping lure fleets of businesses and nerdies into this scenic Tennessee town. In addition to showing America it’s the baddest mo-fo city around, Chattanooga was named one of NY Times 45 Places to Visit in the United States, along with its sister city, Space.

And then it lists a few other cities, obviously they don’t matter at all haha. I love my hippie, hipster, up and coming city.

Groupon Coupon, please be nice :)

I recently ran a groupon coupon, you had two options to buy, option 1, shampoo cut and style for $20 normally a $45 value. Option 2, color, or highlight, cut and conditioning treatment for $69 normally a $145 value.  How groupon works is they offer the customer half off of the usual cost of a service, the customer buys it from groupon, then the service provider (in this situation me) gets half of what groupon gets (minus credit card fees) so, I would normally get $45 for a haircut, I get $9.50.

From a business aspect you have to look at it the same as you spent the money on advertising.  Only it is money that is spent on people you know for a fact will come see you, instead of paying hundreds or dollars on a local magazine ad that you get zero feedback from.  Plus you have the opportunity to up-sale the client, you get a chance to physically speak with the client themselves and get to know them and their hair.  So in the long run it seems to be well worth it.

To the point, I ran the groupon for four days, I sold a total of 96!  Wow!  I didn’t expect that at all, and certainly wasn’t prepared for that many.  It is very exciting and I couldn’t be happier about it. But. . .

I’ve been doing hair for just over eight years.  I have established a good clientele.  My reasons for running the ad were 1, I had a lot of clients move away in search of jobs over the last two years, and 2, I got married last year, I was using it as a chance to advertise my new last name.

Over the past week between my wonderful regular clients, Valentines, and the groupon, my weeks have booked out!  Most groupon clients call wanting in the day they call.  A client today even argued with me when I couldn’t fit her and her daughter in for colors before the weekend.

I’m sorry I’m not able to fit everyone in.  But there are only so many hours I can work.  Anyone who thinks being a hairstylist isn’t a physical job, try standing in once place (not walking around a room, in one place) for a ten-hour shift, it’ll make you think twice.  I’m only 25 and after three long hard days my knees ache like you wouldn’t believe.

So thank you groupon, thank you all my clients existing and new, just please try to understand and be nice! 🙂

Hairstyles for working out that work.

There is nothing grosser to me when I am working out then to feel my sweat dampened hair sticking to my neck.  Even with short hair (mine is just past chin length) it annoys me, I need it up and out of my way.

Ponytails, pig tails, they all do damage and still I wind up with fly away.  While I don’t want to be one of those girls at the gym who have their make up done to the nines, who are working out with their hair down looking perfectly fixed.  I also don’t want to look like a gross hot mess while getting my sweat on. 

They say the gym is a huge place to meet people, so yeah, you want to look good, whether you’re on the look out for that special someone or you think you’ll run into your friends.  But surprise surprise the gym is mainly meant to work out so you’re probably going to get gross and sweaty.

*                     *                     *                    *

So what are some options? 

There are tons of cute headbands which are very popular now.  (Not the 1970s basketball headbands, don’t be confused.)

Also the option of braids.  YouTube has tons videos on how to do pretty much any type of braid, so there is no excuse of you don’t know how, just watch then practice.  A handy side kick? The bobby pin.  They are the saving grace to braids, if you have pieces sticking out just stab them in with a bobby pin. 



Also a good trick with any type of braid is try to keep your knuckles

touching the scalp while you braid, it helps to keep the braid more uniform.

*                     *                     *                    *

Katniss Evergreen the heroine in the Hunger Games primarily has a braid, its easiest for her hunting for food, and training in the games.  While we aren’t doing anything that life threatening by going to the gym, the concept does apply, to be the most efficient we need to hold our hair our of our eyes, so we might as well look cute while we do it.