Guys: Gel or Wax? Which to use and when . .

OK guys, this one is for you!  You have to know how to place your product but it is just as important to know what product to use.

Things to look for :


Gel is the strongest hold as far as products go.  Which if you have coarse hair with its own stubborn idea on how it should be styled this is what you want to force it into place.  Gel does give a wet look though which isn’t for everyone.  And if you have fine or thin hair it can just be overpowering making you look more like you are out of date than in style.


Wax provides a dry look.  Even the strongest of wax has less of a hold than gel does, which is good if you want to have a more tousled look as opposed to the hard set that gel provides.  Also if your hair is a little longer and you are wary of using any products a bit of wax on the ends can be all you need just to piece things out, giving better definition to your cut and your over all look.


Creme is not much hold at all, it is great for fly-aways, to avoid hair “poofing”, and to provide a slight amount of control.  Heavy application of creme can give you this Cary Grant look as long as your hair isn’t too coarse.  Great for high humidity areas.  Not going to help if you have thick coarse hair.


A paste is somewhere between a creme and a wax, which makes it good if you hair is to stubborn for a creme to help if, but not ready for a full on styled look that the paste can provide.


Hairspray isn’t just for girls, it can be used on anyone.  If you have thick hair that isn’t coarse, a strong spray can be great to give you a tousled look without having as much of a feeling of gunk that some products give, which say if you’re going to the gym or sweat a lot can be the best thing for you because it doesn’t wind up dripping into your eyes. (typically)

It’s also great for fine or thinning hair to keep it in place, not letting it fly all over the place, and accomplishing this in a seemingly more natural way.

This only scratches the surface though guys, there is also mouse, oil gels, spray waxes, and the list goes on and on.  So make sure you talk about it with your hairstylist, and what may work best with one style, may not be what you need with another.  The most important thing, and this applies to everyone:


We are and always will be our own worst critics, style your hair, and walk away.  Continuing to stand in front of the mirror fidgeting over if one piece should stick out of lay down will only make you doubt yourself and probably mess up the look.

Hope this helped, you know you look good!


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