What Will 2012s Hairstyles Be?

No one can tell the future, but I feel I have a pretty good idea on what this year will bring as far as styles.


Current celebrities locks are rocking the ombre and color melting techniques.  They became popular this past summer, but I feel variations of this style will be around for a while here to come.  If for absolutely no other reason than it is super stylish while still being economically sound.





What about styling though?  Victoria Secrets Fashion Show while making us all regret anything we have ever eaten,

has also shown us that “big” hair has said a big goodbye.  We see lots of loose lush curls, with little to no volume on top!



The twenties wave is back!  (the look is the same here as on the v.s. models, the only difference?  length of hair)






Updo wise we are easing away from the bohemian look I love so much to cleaner smoother lines (emphasis on easing away from, when it started some of the bohemian styles looked a little like rat nests, then last year it seemed all braids, with the waves being so popular it still gives a updo the looser look so common in the bohemian style, it is just losing the ratnest look)





No matter what style is in or out, I hope you have a great hair year!


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