The holiday season.

Goodness!  Regardless of your religious or personal beliefs, what you do or don’t celebrate, it seems impossible to avoid the lets just admit it, obscene amount of food surrounding us.  I can’t even begin to make a list of all the super yummy pound adding food I’ve had over the past many weeks and currently have in my home staring at me.

So with a week left in this year do you give in and just gorge on the rest, then start your healthy regimen come the first of 2012?  It’s almost as common a tradition to break a resolution as it is to set one.  So personally I try to avoid making those resolutions, starting fresh at the start of a new week seems like much less pressure than an entire year.  Baby steps. . .

Currently though the thought of splurging for one more week is rather tempting.

Some travel tips for pampering your hair while you are traveling around pampering your palate with food, make sure you are using a heavy conditioner and a good moisturizer.  Going in and out of cars in and out of homes with typically different temperatures than you prefer to have at home will most certainly dry out your hair and skin.  The only kind of pretty hair is healthy hair.

A trick I learned for traveling with your travel sized products is this.  Open the lid, and gently squeeze the bottle making sure there is no air in the container, then without letting go tightly close the lid.  This creates a vacuum so that if things go wrong and it pops open the product stays inside instead of getting all over everything else in your travel bag.  No one is ever excited about that messy surprise.

I’m all about packing light, but if you are going to see your family and ten cousins you only see once a year, make sure not to forget your most reliable styling product and take it along so you don’t wind up looking like this awesome kid . .


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