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Eye Tips for that Smoke Sizzle and Wow!

The Wow factor, how do we get it.  It’s a fact that the Wow factor, the true 100% Wow does not happen without being in your correct colors and in harmony.  For those of you that know your personal colors life gets easier especially around this time of year when we are pleasantly or unpleasantly thrown into family gatherings and galas.  Whether your spending time with extended family and friends or decking it out at a gala keeping your look in harmony is key.

A great rule of thumb is that a harmonious look is one where you are seen first not your makeup. Think of Mimi from the Drew Carey show.  Mimi is a great example of disharmony.

No matter how dramatic the look your makeup does not wear you, you wear it!

Sometimes we feel that being dramatic is wearing colors that stand out.  Your makeup should always look fresh and finished.  Avoid colors that lift off your skin.  Colors that you see the color before the person.  Even a bold lip can be worn without that separation.  Being dramatic is a technique not a license to unharmonize.

Day or evening makeup should always emphasize and define you.  You should never be defined by your makeup.


The below image is a great example of super drama in harmony.  Even though the look is bold the colors are in harmony and the wearer is still seen. Following this photo are more snapshots of our everyday eye looks in the studio.  If you scroll down we have prepared some eye and face makeup tips for you.

An uber dramatic eye in harmony.  Lashes make quite the impact.  Note the glitter in addition to shimmer.  This Bright Winter has no problem pulling this look off.  This model is wearing violet in her water line to intensify the look.

A smokey eye with soft colors a beautiful look that can go from day to evening.  False eye lashes

A beautiful display of an intensified day time smokey eye moving toward evening.  A harmonious look framing the eye.

The softest of all smokey eye look the trick here was just softly smudging the eye liner does it really qualify as a smokey eye….maybe to some but the point is that smokey can be done in moderation.

Another display of moderate smokey.  A true smokey eye is a lot of variation in the depth of the outer eye to the mid eye up to the bone.  This look was applied for an intense day look the smokey concept is the top lid and the definition in the crease.  This still looks soft as it is in harmony.  Bold colors that blend.  If you were to look at the colors that this model is wearing you would be surprised they look so fresh.  This model has a light blue eye liner applied in the water line to give brightness to the eyes.


Another example of a day time soft smokey eye.  This model uses light blue for an inner eye pop to lift the eye.  Her eyes sparkle.  This model shows a dark cool brown in the water line.

Another example of a moderate smokey look.  Note the brightness of the eye lid and the contour reflecting the smoke.  The bone is a soft cinnamon.  This is the same application of a true dark smokey eye with softer colors.  The colors however on this eye are not soft.  We have deep turquoise, dark brown, purple and soft neutrals in soft cinnamon and flesh.

In all the models above the colors may be strong but do not lift off the skin.  The foundation surrounding the eyes looks fresh and natural.  These are examples of harmony.  
Day or evening makeup should always emphasize and define you.  You should never be defined by your makeup.  
Below are techniques used in the above photos we added some extra makeup tips for the holidays. Enjoy!
  • 1.  add shine, spark, or glitter …..  
  • 2.  build the lash line with eye liner
  • 3.  use a deep violet, blue, black, or deep green in the waterline or go for a brighter eye look by using a light blue or white even a light pink (for green eyes) in the water line.
  • 4.  smoke out the lower lashes making the line thicker towards the outer corner
  • 5.  smoke out the upper lash line as well.  Either work the smokey eye in it’s entirety or just the lash line.
  • 6.  add a sexy pop with either a matte lighter pop with white, light blue, gold, yellow, pink, violet, the possibilities are endless
  • 7.  highlight under the brow
  • 8.  Give your face a pick me up by applying a slight lighter foundation shade from the upper cheekbone upward under the eye
  • 9.  need contour use one of our specially designed faux glos to carve out the cheekbone.  Apply at the base of the cheek bone and apply upward. Carve with our blending brush. 
  • 10.  apply a soft blusher one the cheek bone and blend well with a finishing brush (Mr. Wonderful) 
  • 11.  highlight around your lips to frame and enhance them.
Colors we love for the season..

  • Razzle Dazzle pure bright gold Spring family
  • Icy a white high shimmer  Winter family 
  • Outrageous a great gold deeper than razzle dazzle  Autumn family
  • Silver  Summer Family
  • Pure of Heart  White matte
  • Bolder than Bold  black baby
  • Captuous  Cool deep brown
  • Reflective Autumn family gold/bronze
  • Night Owl  Autumn family green/gold
  • Bossy  rich brassy green gold high shine Autumn family
  • Demanding  compare to Phlox a seasonal color matte purple/magenta
  • Smart a fab copper  a red copper  Autumn family

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