Mens Hairstyles

They say its important to remember the bad things that happened in the past so that we don’t repeat any mistakes.

     Flock of Seagulls, guys what were you thinking?

~  ~  ~

Ah the mullet.  Business in the front,

party in the back.  The sad part is Joe Dirt

isn’t the only one still trying to rock this look.

~  ~  ~

     Are you Fabio?  Didn’t think so.


Thank goodness mens styles have changed.

Fast-forward to present day.


       Man, maybe things haven’t changed.  Yes its great to be independent, to have your own style and to have the self confidence to wear certain things, just remember, when you are laughing at family photos of your great Uncle Steve because of what he is wearing, one day your future generations will no doubt be doing the same.


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