Classy Do It Yourself Updo

I learned this updo at a Martin Parson’s class.  He is the most amazing person when it comes to what he can accomplish with hair styles.  In order to do this updo, hair needs to be at least about collarbone length with layers long enough to connect.  Our model today is a mannequin head known as “Miss Kim”. Always start any updo with curled hair, it makes it easier and it makes the hair last longer.

  Your hair is made up of lots of different bonds, one of which is destroyed by heat,
but reconnects by cooling. This happens every time you blow dry, flat-iron, or curl your hair. 
So when you “set” the hair with a curling iron or with hot rollers you are breaking
down the hair bonds, and wrapping the hair into a new shape, as the hair cools
 those bonds are rebuilt and the hair is shaped into whatever size curl you curled it with.

Once your hair has been curled, separate it into top and bottom sections, splitting it at the top of the hair.

It may be easiest to ponytail the lower section out of the way while you work on the top half.

Tease the top half of your hair, the amount of teasing depends on the amount of volume you would like.  Regardless of how much height you want, make sure you tease the areas the same amount of times so that you have a consistent uniform look. 1 2 3 4 5, next section, 1 2 3 4 5, next 1 2 3 4 5, and so on.

Once you are evenly teased gently smooth the top layer down so that you can’t see any of the matting.

Now take that teased top section and gently separate it into two sections, again one top and one bottom.  Then tie those two pieces into a knot.  (still have not done anything with the original bottom section)

You want to secure this knot with bobby pins.  I used gold pins in these images so that you can see where to place them better, but when doing an updo either on yourself or someone else, always try to match your bobby pin to your hair color to help in hiding them.  Use two (or more if your hair is long and or thick) bobby pins facing opposite directions to help lock that knot into place.

Now on the bottom half of the hair (unless you are going for huge hair, there is no need to do any teasing) split that into two sections, but this time split it into sections of left and right instead of top and bottom.  Take these two strands and tie them into a knot just like you did on the top section.

You should now have two knots, knotted opposite directions each securely bobby pinned down.  Go ahead and toss your head a little to see if it feels loose, if so add more bobby pins to the knots.

Here is the fun part, tucking everything in.  Its important when doing updos to try to cover over any bobby pins.  How can this be done when it takes a bobby pin to pin the hair in?  Great trick; place a bobby pin on the strand of hair, near the end.  Twist that bobby pin like you are making a C shape then tuck it into the mass of hair.Do this with each of the four remaining pieces.  Covering over the initial bobby pins as you go.  Just twist and tuck.

Then you’re done.  Now don’t be overwhelmed, its four sections, and you can make it as uniform or as bohemian as you want.  Plus a real head of hair always turns out better than “Miss Kim”s.  Just try it a couple of times and before you know it you’ll be wearing it to events all over town and be able to say, “Oh this?  I just tossed it up myself”


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