The holiday season.

Goodness!  Regardless of your religious or personal beliefs, what you do or don’t celebrate, it seems impossible to avoid the lets just admit it, obscene amount of food surrounding us.  I can’t even begin to make a list of all the super yummy pound adding food I’ve had over the past many weeks and currently have in my home staring at me.

So with a week left in this year do you give in and just gorge on the rest, then start your healthy regimen come the first of 2012?  It’s almost as common a tradition to break a resolution as it is to set one.  So personally I try to avoid making those resolutions, starting fresh at the start of a new week seems like much less pressure than an entire year.  Baby steps. . .

Currently though the thought of splurging for one more week is rather tempting.

Some travel tips for pampering your hair while you are traveling around pampering your palate with food, make sure you are using a heavy conditioner and a good moisturizer.  Going in and out of cars in and out of homes with typically different temperatures than you prefer to have at home will most certainly dry out your hair and skin.  The only kind of pretty hair is healthy hair.

A trick I learned for traveling with your travel sized products is this.  Open the lid, and gently squeeze the bottle making sure there is no air in the container, then without letting go tightly close the lid.  This creates a vacuum so that if things go wrong and it pops open the product stays inside instead of getting all over everything else in your travel bag.  No one is ever excited about that messy surprise.

I’m all about packing light, but if you are going to see your family and ten cousins you only see once a year, make sure not to forget your most reliable styling product and take it along so you don’t wind up looking like this awesome kid . .

O love the Olive Oil

Olive oil oh Olive oil where art thou Olive oil?

In the bathroom.

What?  Usually it is in the kitchen.  Yes olive oil has many health benefits. It is commonly used in the Mediterranean diet (one of the most recommended for a healthy lifestyle).  Olive oil is probably one of the oldest oils to be used by many civilizations and its use dates as far back as the Egyptian Empire!  Here are a few uses you may not have known olive oil is good for.

Olive oil moisturizes skin and slower aging process

Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, B-1, B-2, C, D, and Iron. Most importantly, olive oil helps the body to maintain strong levels of vitamin E, which is a great helper in delaying the aging process. You can also use olive oil as face moisturizer since the healthy fatty acid existing in olive oil encourage soft and suppler skin.

Even on the Eyes: Nightly, place a small amount of oil on your finger tips. Gently dab on the corner of your eyes, your eye lids and under your eyes. Use caution not to get in your eyes. You can also do this to your eye brows after tweezing or waxing to provide moisture and soothing relief.

One of my personal favorites is after using a pumice stone on your foot to scrub those hard earned calluses, apply olive oil to your feet then slip on your favorite most comfortable socks and let the oil soak in, leaving your feet soft and smooth.Image

Olive Oil as a Hair Treatment

Do you feel your hair getting dry and frazzled from the dry heating of our houses, or because the cold winter has forced you to wear hats when going out, or just because your work is stressing you out?  Used on hair, olive oil can nourish, condition, and improve the strength and elasticity. Moreover, being olive oil a completely natural product, treating yourself with it will help reducing the stress caused by chemical products and therefore improve the health of your hair overall.

Instructions on Olive Oil Conditioning Treatment

    • 1     Pour 1/2 cup of olive oil into a microwave-safe bowl. Heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds, or until warm.
    • 2     Place a towel over your shoulders to protect clothing.
    • 3     Put a small amount of olive oil in the palm of your hand and massage it into your hair. (If you have a dry scalp, massage a small amount into the scalp, as well. If you have oily hair, massage it into your hair, but stay at least 1/2 inch from the scalp.) Repeat the process of massaging small amounts at a time into the hair until the hair is entirely covered with olive oil.
    • 4     Place your hair loosely on your head and cover it with a plastic shower cap.
    • 5     Relax for at least 30 minutes while the olive oil is treating your hair.
    • 6     Shampoo the olive oil out of your hair, condition with your usual conditioner. Rinse it out completely. You will see that the olive oil treatment makes you hair much softer and much more manageable, as well as gives it some added shine.

5 drops of an essential oil (lavender, eucalyptus, etc.) can be added for better scent.  More than 1/2 a cup may be needed if you have extremely long or thick hair.

Stole this blog from Smokey Eye Tips

Eye Tips for that Smoke Sizzle and Wow!

The Wow factor, how do we get it.  It’s a fact that the Wow factor, the true 100% Wow does not happen without being in your correct colors and in harmony.  For those of you that know your personal colors life gets easier especially around this time of year when we are pleasantly or unpleasantly thrown into family gatherings and galas.  Whether your spending time with extended family and friends or decking it out at a gala keeping your look in harmony is key.

A great rule of thumb is that a harmonious look is one where you are seen first not your makeup. Think of Mimi from the Drew Carey show.  Mimi is a great example of disharmony.

No matter how dramatic the look your makeup does not wear you, you wear it!

Sometimes we feel that being dramatic is wearing colors that stand out.  Your makeup should always look fresh and finished.  Avoid colors that lift off your skin.  Colors that you see the color before the person.  Even a bold lip can be worn without that separation.  Being dramatic is a technique not a license to unharmonize.

Day or evening makeup should always emphasize and define you.  You should never be defined by your makeup.


The below image is a great example of super drama in harmony.  Even though the look is bold the colors are in harmony and the wearer is still seen. Following this photo are more snapshots of our everyday eye looks in the studio.  If you scroll down we have prepared some eye and face makeup tips for you.

An uber dramatic eye in harmony.  Lashes make quite the impact.  Note the glitter in addition to shimmer.  This Bright Winter has no problem pulling this look off.  This model is wearing violet in her water line to intensify the look.

A smokey eye with soft colors a beautiful look that can go from day to evening.  False eye lashes

A beautiful display of an intensified day time smokey eye moving toward evening.  A harmonious look framing the eye.

The softest of all smokey eye look the trick here was just softly smudging the eye liner does it really qualify as a smokey eye….maybe to some but the point is that smokey can be done in moderation.

Another display of moderate smokey.  A true smokey eye is a lot of variation in the depth of the outer eye to the mid eye up to the bone.  This look was applied for an intense day look the smokey concept is the top lid and the definition in the crease.  This still looks soft as it is in harmony.  Bold colors that blend.  If you were to look at the colors that this model is wearing you would be surprised they look so fresh.  This model has a light blue eye liner applied in the water line to give brightness to the eyes.


Another example of a day time soft smokey eye.  This model uses light blue for an inner eye pop to lift the eye.  Her eyes sparkle.  This model shows a dark cool brown in the water line.

Another example of a moderate smokey look.  Note the brightness of the eye lid and the contour reflecting the smoke.  The bone is a soft cinnamon.  This is the same application of a true dark smokey eye with softer colors.  The colors however on this eye are not soft.  We have deep turquoise, dark brown, purple and soft neutrals in soft cinnamon and flesh.

In all the models above the colors may be strong but do not lift off the skin.  The foundation surrounding the eyes looks fresh and natural.  These are examples of harmony.  
Day or evening makeup should always emphasize and define you.  You should never be defined by your makeup.  
Below are techniques used in the above photos we added some extra makeup tips for the holidays. Enjoy!
  • 1.  add shine, spark, or glitter …..  
  • 2.  build the lash line with eye liner
  • 3.  use a deep violet, blue, black, or deep green in the waterline or go for a brighter eye look by using a light blue or white even a light pink (for green eyes) in the water line.
  • 4.  smoke out the lower lashes making the line thicker towards the outer corner
  • 5.  smoke out the upper lash line as well.  Either work the smokey eye in it’s entirety or just the lash line.
  • 6.  add a sexy pop with either a matte lighter pop with white, light blue, gold, yellow, pink, violet, the possibilities are endless
  • 7.  highlight under the brow
  • 8.  Give your face a pick me up by applying a slight lighter foundation shade from the upper cheekbone upward under the eye
  • 9.  need contour use one of our specially designed faux glos to carve out the cheekbone.  Apply at the base of the cheek bone and apply upward. Carve with our blending brush. 
  • 10.  apply a soft blusher one the cheek bone and blend well with a finishing brush (Mr. Wonderful) 
  • 11.  highlight around your lips to frame and enhance them.
Colors we love for the season..

  • Razzle Dazzle pure bright gold Spring family
  • Icy a white high shimmer  Winter family 
  • Outrageous a great gold deeper than razzle dazzle  Autumn family
  • Silver  Summer Family
  • Pure of Heart  White matte
  • Bolder than Bold  black baby
  • Captuous  Cool deep brown
  • Reflective Autumn family gold/bronze
  • Night Owl  Autumn family green/gold
  • Bossy  rich brassy green gold high shine Autumn family
  • Demanding  compare to Phlox a seasonal color matte purple/magenta
  • Smart a fab copper  a red copper  Autumn family

Classy Do It Yourself Updo

I learned this updo at a Martin Parson’s class.  He is the most amazing person when it comes to what he can accomplish with hair styles.  In order to do this updo, hair needs to be at least about collarbone length with layers long enough to connect.  Our model today is a mannequin head known as “Miss Kim”. Always start any updo with curled hair, it makes it easier and it makes the hair last longer.

  Your hair is made up of lots of different bonds, one of which is destroyed by heat,
but reconnects by cooling. This happens every time you blow dry, flat-iron, or curl your hair. 
So when you “set” the hair with a curling iron or with hot rollers you are breaking
down the hair bonds, and wrapping the hair into a new shape, as the hair cools
 those bonds are rebuilt and the hair is shaped into whatever size curl you curled it with.

Once your hair has been curled, separate it into top and bottom sections, splitting it at the top of the hair.

It may be easiest to ponytail the lower section out of the way while you work on the top half.

Tease the top half of your hair, the amount of teasing depends on the amount of volume you would like.  Regardless of how much height you want, make sure you tease the areas the same amount of times so that you have a consistent uniform look. 1 2 3 4 5, next section, 1 2 3 4 5, next 1 2 3 4 5, and so on.

Once you are evenly teased gently smooth the top layer down so that you can’t see any of the matting.

Now take that teased top section and gently separate it into two sections, again one top and one bottom.  Then tie those two pieces into a knot.  (still have not done anything with the original bottom section)

You want to secure this knot with bobby pins.  I used gold pins in these images so that you can see where to place them better, but when doing an updo either on yourself or someone else, always try to match your bobby pin to your hair color to help in hiding them.  Use two (or more if your hair is long and or thick) bobby pins facing opposite directions to help lock that knot into place.

Now on the bottom half of the hair (unless you are going for huge hair, there is no need to do any teasing) split that into two sections, but this time split it into sections of left and right instead of top and bottom.  Take these two strands and tie them into a knot just like you did on the top section.

You should now have two knots, knotted opposite directions each securely bobby pinned down.  Go ahead and toss your head a little to see if it feels loose, if so add more bobby pins to the knots.

Here is the fun part, tucking everything in.  Its important when doing updos to try to cover over any bobby pins.  How can this be done when it takes a bobby pin to pin the hair in?  Great trick; place a bobby pin on the strand of hair, near the end.  Twist that bobby pin like you are making a C shape then tuck it into the mass of hair.Do this with each of the four remaining pieces.  Covering over the initial bobby pins as you go.  Just twist and tuck.

Then you’re done.  Now don’t be overwhelmed, its four sections, and you can make it as uniform or as bohemian as you want.  Plus a real head of hair always turns out better than “Miss Kim”s.  Just try it a couple of times and before you know it you’ll be wearing it to events all over town and be able to say, “Oh this?  I just tossed it up myself”

Mens Hairstyles

They say its important to remember the bad things that happened in the past so that we don’t repeat any mistakes.

     Flock of Seagulls, guys what were you thinking?

~  ~  ~

Ah the mullet.  Business in the front,

party in the back.  The sad part is Joe Dirt

isn’t the only one still trying to rock this look.

~  ~  ~

     Are you Fabio?  Didn’t think so.


Thank goodness mens styles have changed.

Fast-forward to present day.


       Man, maybe things haven’t changed.  Yes its great to be independent, to have your own style and to have the self confidence to wear certain things, just remember, when you are laughing at family photos of your great Uncle Steve because of what he is wearing, one day your future generations will no doubt be doing the same.