Fashionista Hair on a Paupers Budget

Economy economy economy.  That seems to be all we hear anymore isn’t it.  It can be frustrating to think about, to budget, and even simply to have to listen to, day in and day out.  Does that mean that your fashion sense has to suffer as much as your bank account?  Is there a way to maintain your personal flashy swagger while stretching your dollars?

During these hard times, more and more people are stretching the weeks between appointments, maybe going all natural, or just plain letting their hair suffer, but that doesn’t mean that has to happen!  There is so much you can do to keep your hair looking its best.  Here are a few ideas:


Peek a boo highlights:

These are highlights that are placed underneath the part, so you can’t see where they come from, in other words as it grows out you can’t see the roots to your highlights!  Allowing you to go an amazing amount of time without needing it done again.

Color Melting:

This is the blending of highlights with your natural coloring, giving your hair a sunkissed look.  Leaving your root area darker which allows you to get say ten weeks out of your highlights instead your usual six. 

Plus it is a very natural look, no different from spending the summer in the sun!

(This is not to be confused with ombre coloring, that is a subject for a different blog)


What about if you love your color but it just needs a little sprucing?  Get a shine treatment to bring the luster back.

Don’t lie, you know how much you love to see your hair look luscious.  A conditioning treatment and shine goes a long way!




This is just to scratch the surface, there is also the option of spot light highlights, it’s a total of ten foils placed strategically in the hair to make it appear like you just had all of your new growth freshened up without the cost and without the damage.

Other tips on stretching your hair budget, do foils instead of all over color.  Having that little bit of natural mixed in helps make the new growth line less noticeable.

Bang trims, or maybe just getting the weight taken out, can be the difference of getting your haircut to last another month than needing it done “right this instant”.

There is so much you can do to stay the amazing fashionista that you know you are.  Don’t let your budget or fears of the economy crush your chic appearance you have options, embrace them!


2 comments on “Fashionista Hair on a Paupers Budget

  1. Julie Nelson says:

    Hi! I have naturally lighter hair but I love the melt look. Have you ever heard of doing sort of a reverse melt look? Mixing lowlights with the natural color? Darker on the bottom with blonde on top?

    • roesmccoy says:

      Hey Julie,
      Yes, that is called a reverse ombre. You can google it, basically it is the same steps, only make sure you make a longer section of the clear meshing in between. Let me know how it goes!

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