How poor is poor?

How poor is poor?  This is a personal pet peeve of mine.  Everyone has their own opinions on this, and I’m not trying to say that anyone is wrong, just saying its a matter of perception.  Rich is relative.

A multi-millionaire has to cut back on expenses and can only vacation for three weeks instead of six “at that island only rich people know about.” (quote from 30 rock)

Cut back by eating out a little less, yet you continue to cruise around in your Conquest Knight.

Cut back by selling your third or second home so that you are able keep up your level of living at home.

You can’t buy a brand-new car, but you are able to keep your current car alive and in good condition.

You’re not able to eat out, living pay check to pay check, but you are able to buy food to eat at home.

You’ve cut back on everything, are working two jobs and the mortgage is the only thing getting paid.

What about when the mortgage isn’t getting paid?  When you have no place to go?

Yes, that’s terrible, its scary.

What about tribes who aren’t able to get clean drinking water?

Or the invisible children?  Stolen from their homes and forced into the military, or the ones not yet captured, fleeing every night to not get caught.  

Or about situations that the media isn’t aware of it yet.

In this economy we often get caught up in the “we can’t afford that” mindset.  When this is a time we should work to focus all the more so on being grateful on what we do have.  This list is not of things we shouldn’t ever be concerned about, or not try to avoid, the point is to be thankful for what we do have, whatever it is, because unfortunately it can always be worse.

Go be grateful, and have a great day!


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