How damaged is your hair??

How damaged is your hair??

Beautiful hair is healthy hair.  Sometimes it seems hard to keep your hair healthy.  Knowing the levels of damage is the first step in knowing how to fix it.   There are four levels, here they are and what that means:
Level 1: Cuticular
This is when the cuticular (outermost layer) layer starts to become open.  You can physically see this, typically on the ends.  The more open the cuticle the less shiny your color.  Also it feels rough to the touch.  This roughness leads to tangles, the open cuticle acts like Velcro hooking strand to strand.
This can be caused from almost anything, bad products, styling tools, sun, wind, and chemicals.
Treatment for this is good shampoo and conditioner, as well as a lightweight leave in conditioner.
Level 2: Moisture Loss
Once the cuticle has been open for long enough hair will start to lose its moisture.  (Hair holds on to free radical moisture molecules even when it appears completely dry.)  When the hair loses moisture, it loses weight, giving it that annoying fly away look.  Causes and treatments are the same as for level one.
Level 3: Loss of Protein
After losing moisture the hair will start to lose protein.  Proteins such as fatty acids, lipids, and many others are what gives hair shine, flexibility, and strength.  Making your hair feel abraded and gross, which is what not of us want!  This is where treatment starts getting serious.  You need reconstructors, aka intensive deep conditioning treatments.
Level 4: Loss of Elasticity
This is the end of the line for your hair.  It has become weak, dry and brittle.  It loses its ability to stretch and contract.  This is seen in split ends and breakage.  You can not fix split ends, they have to be cut.  But you need to fix your hair as well, or else your ends will start to split as soon as you cut them because of the shape the strand itself is in.  You need moisture and protein treatments, a daily recustructor and potentially some other changes.

How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair?  ~Author Unknown


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