To be or not to be that is the question. . .

Yes, I realize that there is currently a movie out on this very subject, but I haven’t seen it nor am I planning to see it, so this has nothing to do with that.

How do people have it all?  Or is it even possible?

     I work with two wonderful stylist who are ADD out the wazoo, and embrace it more than fight it.  Personally I try to control mine, with eating correctly, working out, and have a schedule, it makes me super lame yes, but makes my ADD manageable without medications.  Which, as a hippie, that is how I prefer it.  So I watch them and wonder, maybe I should embrace my ADD, let it run its course and the creativity explode.  But they both are stressed rather emotional people (if they read this, I love you for who you are!), there is no way I can be high strung and all over the place and have a happy marriage with my beloved.  (We are in our first year of marriage, what people say can be the hardest, last thing I need to do is become an ADD wreck!)

     Also I’ve watched another stylist become an amazing educator, teaching around the continent, have a great clientele, so I watch her and wonder, maybe I should just push myself harder, put myself out there more and more, yet she is on her third divorce.  Something I am not at all interested in.

     By no means do I support the concept of the man needs to take care of things, I actually love my job, I get to be very creative and meet lots of interesting people, though while I don’t have the desire to sit back and just let someone take care of me I also am not interested in building my career in a way that strains my marriage and personal life.

     It very important to me to have a strong spiritual faith, when half of all marriages end in divorce its important that my husband and I have a strong spiritual life together.  (Thankfully we don’t have kids yet, parenting scares me enough when it comes to figuring out how to juggle life.)

     I’ve also seen women get married and their life becomes one hundred percent absorbed in their husband, ignoring their lifelong friends, that I also don’t think is healthy.

     So how do you juggle it all?  How do you have an amazing successful career, a happy close marriage, still have good girl friends, be spiritually strong, work out, eat healthy, visit your family, and have a relaxing personal hobby?  Is there away?  Or can you only have it all if you only sleep one hour a night.  

     I hope to discover a way to juggle it all and still get plenty of sleep and time to smell the roses!

I wonder where blogging fits into it all . . .


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