Color Melting vs. Ombre

     Roots are in.  Having dark at your scalp with lighter ends is the in style right now.  Two of the most popular ways of accomplishing this is Ombre Color and Color Melting.  Easily mistaken for one another there are huge differences, and I have a preference for sure!   This is to give examples of them each and to show the differences between them, also for any stylist that read this the basics on how its done.

Ombre’ First

    Drew Barrymore is a perfect example of ombre color.  Dark roots, light ends.  To achieve ombre the   hair is teased at the scalp, the amount of teasing varies based on how much of a root look is wanted, tease and inch worth or tease four inches worth.  Then taking strands from the unteased section of hair you highlight those.

     The way to distinguish between ombre and color melting is how defined the line is between the roots and the ends.  You can tell exactly how much of the hair was teased.

    I’m not saying this is a bad look, it isn’t, it very popular right now, it just isn’t my preference.

Color Melting Second

    Color melting is one of my most favorite techniques.  It gives a far more natural sunkissed type look to any color.  As seen in my previous post Sara Jessica Parker is a great example of color melting.  She is lighter on the ends with dark roots, but it is more blended.  There are a couple highlights that reach almost to the scalp. 

     It takes a little more effort to achieve this look, but I believe it is well worth it.  Section the hair to work with the hairs natural parting.  In each foil you use three different colors.  First apply a dark base color to the top of the foil, then use either bleach or a highlift blond at the bottom, blend the two colors with a clear coat.  The clear dilutes both colors enough so that you can’t truly see where one starts and the other ends.  Use this technique with alternating amount of dominate blond and dominate dark so that the start of the lighter pieces are spread throughout the hair, avoiding the line that ombre color leaves.

     Balayage has been around forever, and there are new ever improving twists on this technique.  With it you have full control over your color placement, and it does give you a more natural look that traditional highlights do, but it does not give you the melting into one another look that color melting has.

     It’s hard to keep up with ever-changing trends, these are at least trends that work with your budget since it does encourage darker roots.  Enjoy being stylish you hair guru you!

Fashionista Hair on a Paupers Budget

Economy economy economy.  That seems to be all we hear anymore isn’t it.  It can be frustrating to think about, to budget, and even simply to have to listen to, day in and day out.  Does that mean that your fashion sense has to suffer as much as your bank account?  Is there a way to maintain your personal flashy swagger while stretching your dollars?

During these hard times, more and more people are stretching the weeks between appointments, maybe going all natural, or just plain letting their hair suffer, but that doesn’t mean that has to happen!  There is so much you can do to keep your hair looking its best.  Here are a few ideas:


Peek a boo highlights:

These are highlights that are placed underneath the part, so you can’t see where they come from, in other words as it grows out you can’t see the roots to your highlights!  Allowing you to go an amazing amount of time without needing it done again.

Color Melting:

This is the blending of highlights with your natural coloring, giving your hair a sunkissed look.  Leaving your root area darker which allows you to get say ten weeks out of your highlights instead your usual six. 

Plus it is a very natural look, no different from spending the summer in the sun!

(This is not to be confused with ombre coloring, that is a subject for a different blog)


What about if you love your color but it just needs a little sprucing?  Get a shine treatment to bring the luster back.

Don’t lie, you know how much you love to see your hair look luscious.  A conditioning treatment and shine goes a long way!




This is just to scratch the surface, there is also the option of spot light highlights, it’s a total of ten foils placed strategically in the hair to make it appear like you just had all of your new growth freshened up without the cost and without the damage.

Other tips on stretching your hair budget, do foils instead of all over color.  Having that little bit of natural mixed in helps make the new growth line less noticeable.

Bang trims, or maybe just getting the weight taken out, can be the difference of getting your haircut to last another month than needing it done “right this instant”.

There is so much you can do to stay the amazing fashionista that you know you are.  Don’t let your budget or fears of the economy crush your chic appearance you have options, embrace them!

To be or not to be that is the question. . .

Yes, I realize that there is currently a movie out on this very subject, but I haven’t seen it nor am I planning to see it, so this has nothing to do with that.

How do people have it all?  Or is it even possible?

     I work with two wonderful stylist who are ADD out the wazoo, and embrace it more than fight it.  Personally I try to control mine, with eating correctly, working out, and have a schedule, it makes me super lame yes, but makes my ADD manageable without medications.  Which, as a hippie, that is how I prefer it.  So I watch them and wonder, maybe I should embrace my ADD, let it run its course and the creativity explode.  But they both are stressed rather emotional people (if they read this, I love you for who you are!), there is no way I can be high strung and all over the place and have a happy marriage with my beloved.  (We are in our first year of marriage, what people say can be the hardest, last thing I need to do is become an ADD wreck!)

     Also I’ve watched another stylist become an amazing educator, teaching around the continent, have a great clientele, so I watch her and wonder, maybe I should just push myself harder, put myself out there more and more, yet she is on her third divorce.  Something I am not at all interested in.

     By no means do I support the concept of the man needs to take care of things, I actually love my job, I get to be very creative and meet lots of interesting people, though while I don’t have the desire to sit back and just let someone take care of me I also am not interested in building my career in a way that strains my marriage and personal life.

     It very important to me to have a strong spiritual faith, when half of all marriages end in divorce its important that my husband and I have a strong spiritual life together.  (Thankfully we don’t have kids yet, parenting scares me enough when it comes to figuring out how to juggle life.)

     I’ve also seen women get married and their life becomes one hundred percent absorbed in their husband, ignoring their lifelong friends, that I also don’t think is healthy.

     So how do you juggle it all?  How do you have an amazing successful career, a happy close marriage, still have good girl friends, be spiritually strong, work out, eat healthy, visit your family, and have a relaxing personal hobby?  Is there away?  Or can you only have it all if you only sleep one hour a night.  

     I hope to discover a way to juggle it all and still get plenty of sleep and time to smell the roses!

I wonder where blogging fits into it all . . .

How poor is poor?

How poor is poor?  This is a personal pet peeve of mine.  Everyone has their own opinions on this, and I’m not trying to say that anyone is wrong, just saying its a matter of perception.  Rich is relative.

A multi-millionaire has to cut back on expenses and can only vacation for three weeks instead of six “at that island only rich people know about.” (quote from 30 rock)

Cut back by eating out a little less, yet you continue to cruise around in your Conquest Knight.

Cut back by selling your third or second home so that you are able keep up your level of living at home.

You can’t buy a brand-new car, but you are able to keep your current car alive and in good condition.

You’re not able to eat out, living pay check to pay check, but you are able to buy food to eat at home.

You’ve cut back on everything, are working two jobs and the mortgage is the only thing getting paid.

What about when the mortgage isn’t getting paid?  When you have no place to go?

Yes, that’s terrible, its scary.

What about tribes who aren’t able to get clean drinking water?

Or the invisible children?  Stolen from their homes and forced into the military, or the ones not yet captured, fleeing every night to not get caught.  

Or about situations that the media isn’t aware of it yet.

In this economy we often get caught up in the “we can’t afford that” mindset.  When this is a time we should work to focus all the more so on being grateful on what we do have.  This list is not of things we shouldn’t ever be concerned about, or not try to avoid, the point is to be thankful for what we do have, whatever it is, because unfortunately it can always be worse.

Go be grateful, and have a great day!

How damaged is your hair??

How damaged is your hair??

Beautiful hair is healthy hair.  Sometimes it seems hard to keep your hair healthy.  Knowing the levels of damage is the first step in knowing how to fix it.   There are four levels, here they are and what that means:
Level 1: Cuticular
This is when the cuticular (outermost layer) layer starts to become open.  You can physically see this, typically on the ends.  The more open the cuticle the less shiny your color.  Also it feels rough to the touch.  This roughness leads to tangles, the open cuticle acts like Velcro hooking strand to strand.
This can be caused from almost anything, bad products, styling tools, sun, wind, and chemicals.
Treatment for this is good shampoo and conditioner, as well as a lightweight leave in conditioner.
Level 2: Moisture Loss
Once the cuticle has been open for long enough hair will start to lose its moisture.  (Hair holds on to free radical moisture molecules even when it appears completely dry.)  When the hair loses moisture, it loses weight, giving it that annoying fly away look.  Causes and treatments are the same as for level one.
Level 3: Loss of Protein
After losing moisture the hair will start to lose protein.  Proteins such as fatty acids, lipids, and many others are what gives hair shine, flexibility, and strength.  Making your hair feel abraded and gross, which is what not of us want!  This is where treatment starts getting serious.  You need reconstructors, aka intensive deep conditioning treatments.
Level 4: Loss of Elasticity
This is the end of the line for your hair.  It has become weak, dry and brittle.  It loses its ability to stretch and contract.  This is seen in split ends and breakage.  You can not fix split ends, they have to be cut.  But you need to fix your hair as well, or else your ends will start to split as soon as you cut them because of the shape the strand itself is in.  You need moisture and protein treatments, a daily recustructor and potentially some other changes.

How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair?  ~Author Unknown

Bohemian Invention

My name is Rachel, I’ve done hair for 8 years now, and I love it.  At home I’m a hippie who recycles, doesn’t eat meat, spiritual, low-maintenance, I try to shop local supporting wonderful Chattanooga, and be as active and healthy as a day allows.

     Finding the balance between being a hippie and a successful hair artist is harder to find than you may think.  The term bohemian refers to a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices having an unconventional life, living a wandering or vagabond life, as a Gypsy.
I’m a hair artist, designing a color and style for each individual person is truly creation.  To change someones entire look and style, is my favorite part.  Getting to be creative is certainly the most fun part of the hair industry, but there are a lot of professionals who need professional styles, and who want a professional stylist.  I also believe that sometimes for some people there is a fine line between being super fashionable, and being in need of fashion help. This blog is intended to be a way of combining bohemian lifestyle with chic fashion, with tips on hair styles, colors, cuts, fashion, make up, as well as being “green” and healthy.
Hopefully it will be fun and people will discover some useful tips!  Enjoy!!